Anita Chatterjee

Hello, nice to have you here.

About me:

 I am of German/ Indian origin, a nomad at the bottom of my heart. I live in Germany. My compass is authenticity, respect, openess and connectivity aiming to create a secure environment to enable decision makers and creative people to further develop and release creativity and leadership.

Customer-oriented and sustainable - A Human centered approach

With my multicultural background and with more than 10 years of international experience in executive and consulting functions in the heavy industry and subsequently in the humanitarian sector I support you  in navigating through change in an innovative, analytical and empathetic way: according to your challenge  and company culture. Targeting a move towards a leadership and culture which embrace change calmly and determined.

Industrial and humanitarian Context

In my last executive function, I worked for a French group in the heavy industry as 'General Manager for Research / Development and Innovation' in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Prior to this, I had managerial  functions at corporate and division level in Germany and France in the areas of research and development, corporate controlling (focus: strategy, investment, M&A) and innovation (focus: leadership, organization, culture / change management and people / skills / infrastructure). 

I started my professional career in a medium-sized company in Germany in the areas of research and development, product/service/technology - and business development.


In 2016 I radically changed my professional perspective and decided to assign for several medical and humanitarian field missions with an international NGO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Kashmir/India, Mozambique. At the beginning of September 2022, I returned from my last assignment to date in the Gaza Strip/Palestine. I am still an active member of the organization.
Since 2018 I work as a consultant mainly in innovation with the focus on strategic and operational challenges for companies and organizations.

I passionately pursue a project for social entrepreneurship in 'vertical gardening' with the objective to offer an edible alternative within the urban gardening movement -  still on a small scale, but steadily growing


Yoga, which I got to know in India and deepened in a BDYoga-certified training, has accompanied me since my youth. A DÄGAM-certified training in Ayurveda (traditional system of Indian medecine) complements my experience.

Academic Studies & PhD

I have graduated in materials science and have a PhD in engineering from Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research – Stuttgart, Germany. 

Essential for me…


Acting in harmony with yourself, standing by your strengths and weaknesses, leads to a healthy and respectful interaction with yourself and others. Being authentic creates a connectedness with yourself and others. A basic requirement to be present, empathetic and accessible.


The one who respects him-/herself and has enough self-confidence is strong and relaxed enough to engage with others and their perspective. Empathy is closely linked to respectful treatment.

Open minded

A willingness and ability to change requires openness. Being creative and innovative and being open to new things, being open to unusual ideas is essential in times of upheaval.


Responsibility is closely linked to freedom. As a result of freedom, everyone bears responsibility for him-/herself, for close-ones, for their environment, for society, for economic and social success.


Your own reliability influences the life of others.

In order to  tackle your challenge successfully, we jointly tune our collaboration -  individually and purposefully.

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