What makes you thrive?

Get to know your inner compass and intrinsic motivation - Your strategic assets to embrace change more successfully.

A profound knowledge of your unique blend of qualities that make you thrive is a strategic asset for embracing change and navigating through the complexity of transformative times. 

According to BerkleyExecEd article on ‘Harnessing your inner Compass’, ‘decision makers and creative people who possess a holistic comprehension of their own capabilities, values and motivations show improved personal and professional decision-making, increased empathy and EQ, more effective communication, greater adaptability, better conflict resolution, effective stress management, increased resilience, and greater authenticity.’

7 self-assessment tools that might inspire you to deepen your knowledge about your unique blend of qualities that set you apart, personally and professionally:

Clifton Strengths assessment

Your strengths reveal your unique combination of skills, talents and abilities and represents areas where aptitude and passion intersect.

Decision making

Impeded by e.g. cognitive bias, herd reflex, relying on limited information or always needing more information, short-term thinking

O*net Interest profiler

Aligning your work with your true interests boosts your engagement and motivation.

Personality assessment I

Personality traits are a unique combination of characteristics, behaviors, and thought patterns that define an individual's typical way of interacting with the world

Personality assessment II

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® helps support your personal well-being and professional performance goals by providing you with a deeper understanding of what makes you you

Professional and personal values

Values are guiding principles and beliefs that shape our decisions, behaviors, and attitudes. 

Know your skills

A gap analysis for your upskilling plan