Navigating BANI (Brittle - Anxious - Non-linear - Incomprehensible) times in an innovative, analytical and empathetic way

For embracing change and creating sustainable value paradigm shifts are crucial, e.g.
Redefining growth, value, leadership, new work, education

Staying competative through co-creation I ecosystem and trust building 

Human centric digital technology integration 

Ethical AI & Tech Governance

The map shows key aspects or practices in innovation, transformative leadership and human-centric (digital) tech transformation that support decision makers and creative people in navigating BANI times and are adressed in a miniseries of 11 knowledge nuggets below. 
Numbers in the map are referring to them. 

Read more about pressing questions, insights and takeaways, relevant not only in your professional context.

1 I Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human intuition: opposing or complementing forces?

What is the disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligence?
What role will humans play when machines can think?

How will work, unique contribution and value creation be defined  when AI-driven processes become prevalent?

What role and responsibilities remain for decision makers and creative people in the digital  transformative era?

2 I Komplexität?

‚I think the next century will be the century of complexity.‘
Stephen Hawking

Was ist Komplexität ?
Was ist der Unterschied zwischen komplex und kompliziert?
Was zeichnet  komplexe Systeme aus?
Was hat Komplexität mit den aktuellen Transformationsprozessen und unserem alltäglichen Leben zu tun?

Inspiriende Einblicke  und Takeaways auch für Ihre berufliche Herausforderung

3 I How to (AI) Act 

A EU framework. But why and how to act - responsibly and ethically -when approaching digital transformation?

How does AI affect my life?

Why AI regulation?

What is the European AI Act?
AI regulation beyond the EU?

How to integrate digital ethics and responsibility into personal and  professional context?

Insights and takeaways that might raise your interest and awareness for digital  ethics and responsibility.

4 I Megatrends and subway maps - what do both have in common?

Megatrends are driving forces for change. They are setting the direction for future opportunities and challenges on all levels. With their interconnectedness they reinforce and accelerate their impact.

What are megatrends?

How are megatrends characterized?

What impact do megatrends have on society, industries, economy, cultures and environment, especially in transformative times?

Insights, takeaways and how to use this knowledge to shape the future in your professional and personal context

5 I Digital transformation – more than a megatrend

20 guiding questions to navigate the journey of (digital) transformation in your professional context, human centric and more effectively.

6 I What makes you thrive? 

Get to know your inner compass and intrinsic motivation - Your strategic assets to embrace change, more successfully.

7 self-assessment tools that might inspire you to deepen your knowledge about your unique blend of qualities that set you apart, personally and professionally.

7 I A new vision for 21st century leadership 

A more holistic and compassionate approach to navigate through the reality of an increasingly BANI world we’re facing!

What is BANI?
Thinking – Being  – Sensing?

Leader as Healer: A new paradigm for 21st-century leadership 

Book of the year 2023 - 
By Nicholas Janni might be an enlightening choice to learn more about leadership skills -in particular- and aspects of our life -in general-.
For your personal and professional development.

8 I Digital maturity - Identifying the base line as starting point for the (digital) transformation journey in your professional context

What is digital maturity?
How to assess digital maturity?
Where to find expertise and support?

First insights and takeaways for embracing change, unlocking sustainable value creation and new business development

9 I Roadmap reinvention - Insights for thriving and creating sustainable value in transformative times

How does a roadmap in transformative times differ from a traditional (=stable context) one?
How to create a roadmap in transformative times? 
What are the most powerful skills required for the 21st?

5 takeaways and 10 insights that might help you to cross-check what is happening in your current professional context.

10 I Innovation: The enabler for embracing change

To navigate through the reality of an increasingly BANI world, a paradigm shift is due resulting -among others- in a new economy, less driven by individualistic, capitalistic growth but a more holistic and sustainable approach.  
To get there (disruptive) innovation is crucial!


What characterizes innovation and how to innovate successfully - in the 21st century? 

11 I Embracing change and shaping the future: When design thinking, leading from emerging futures and sustainable value creation meet‘

Seeking for innovative approaches to embracing change, navigating complexity and shaping a future characterized by a sustainable value creation?

Zoom-in the intersection of three powerful frameworks—design thinking, leading from emerging futures, and sustainable value creation—and their collective potential to drive transformative change.  

Does it make sense to go down this path?
Check-in on your perspective first: 

  • How do I define sustainable value?
  • What do I know about design-thinking and leading from the future? 
  • What aspects do the three frameworks bring to the table that might have the collective potential to drive transformative change
  • How would this work in my professional context? 

Can new opportunities for innovation and sustainable value be unlocked by you in your professional context /organization and beyond?